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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing affidavit equitable interest form
hey guys Henry with Henry bye so youre putting out another free nugget on wholesaling tactic I use so on some of your deals that you get youre going to have sellers who even though you have a contract executed with them with their signature on it they might get another offer from another investor or another wholesaler and they think that if they dont tell you that they can actually get away with it and have them closing the deal with a higher offer and never you would never know about it until its too late so there is a way you can protect yourself its a document called a memorandum of agreement its also known as an affidavit of equitable interest and so what this document does is its got all the property information on it and it references the contract that you have executed with the seller its something that you just need your signature on and that of a notary public it just needs to be notarized and then what you do with a document is that you take it down to the courthouse and you file it with the county and what it does is it clouds the title that means that the title cannot be conveyed clear to another buyer until you release that document from the title it has there has to be a signed release with your signature on it to release that from the title this can be a very very great way to protect the deal that you have in a contract especially if you feel like the seller may not have a lot of integrity or you have another investor who may not have a lot of integrity that it might try to convince them that they can still sell to them legally they cant though once you you have the equitable interest in that property with an executed contract so I want to show you guys how Ive got my contract set up and so well shoot over to my screen and just show you what that document looks like alright so heres the template that I use for my memorandum agreement when I want to protect my equitable interest in a deal its a very simple one-page document that I that Ive got its specifically for Florida and for my accounting Duval County and then it just has this basic verbage that says you know this person which would be you know be your name it would be the property information this is just parcel identification number or Assessors partial numbers what this is right here legal description all the good stuff and then it has the parties that are involved which would be me or your company as the buyer and then the sellers information here but and then whatever today date and then right here we actually put we also put the contractor information there their mailing address whos the point of contact regarding information in that contract their telephone number and then just a date and then all you have to do is print sign and then you need to have it notarized and and then all you have to do at that point is go and file it with the county Im usually at the courthouse or sometimes title companies will do it for you but usually its about about a fourteen dollar fee...